Contest Rules

General Rules for Stage and Close-Up Contest

1) To enter a contest at the Midwest Magic Jubilee, you must complete this entry form and return it to the contest chairman. If you should win the contest, you, at the discretion of the Contest Chairman, must be prepared to appear on the Sunday evening Show.

2) The total number of contestants, including both junior and senior divisions, will not exceed 20.

3) The contest must have five (5) or more entries in order to award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes. If there are four entries 1st and 2nd prizes will be awarded. If there are 3 entries 1st place only will be awarded, and if there are fewer than three entries, a certificate of participation will be awarded.

4) Contestants are accepted on a first come first-served basis. Date that applications are received will prevail. A back-up list is maintained.

5) Contestants must appear at the set-up location at the time designated by the contest chairman. Late arrival may be disqualified.

6) All contestants are responsible for placement and removal of all their own equipment.

7) Performance in ALL contests must be between 6 minutes and 8 minutes in length. Points will be deducted for times that are under 6 minutes or over 8 minutes. (See Judging criteria)

8) Senior contests include all those who are 17 years of age or older on the day of the competition.

9) All contestants must be a paid registrant of the Midwest Magic Jubilee.

10) Contestants may be disqualified for using “blue” material at this family-friendly convention.

11) The contest chairman will determine the order of the performance. Detailed questions, comments or considerations should be directed to the contest chairman.

12) Since the contest is meant to be a learning experience, judge’s comments and criticisms may be noted on the contest form, this is done strictly for the benefit of the contestant. Summaries will NOT be mailed to contestants.

13) Decision of a Winner of a contest is never easy, therefore judge’s decision of the outcome will be considered final.

14) The announcement of the winners for all contests will take place at the beginning of the Sunday evening show.

15) If there are too few Jr. Contestants to hold a contest, they will be allowed to perform in the Sr. Contest with no regard for age difference.

16) Midwest Magic Jubilee will have the right to use the likeness of contestants for publicity purposes of promoting the Midwest Magic Jubilee.


Click here for Specific Rules for Stage Contest and Close-up Contest.

The reigistration form is available here: PDF entry form

Specific Close-Up Contest Rules

1) Each contestant will perform his/her close-up routine twice, once in each of two different rooms with a break in between performances.

2) There are no microphones in the close-up competition rooms. You may be performing for 60 people.

3) Categories for judging: (for explanations click here)
Showmanship 1-10 points
Technical Skills1-10 points
Originality1-10 points
Program1-10 points
Time – Points will be deducted if you are over 8 minutes or under 6 minutes. One point will be deducted for every partial 30 seconds periods.

Specific Stage Contest Rules

1) Time allotted for stage set-up is 3 minutes.

2) All music, light, and sound cues are limited to playing your music, operating the spot light, flood lights and minor cues. Special lighting will NOT be handled by our staff. You may bring your own light and sound personnel.

3) Categories for judging:
Appearance1-10 points
Stage Craft1-10 points
Presentation 1-10 points
Ability/Technical Skills1-10 points
Originality1-10 points
Entertainment Value1-10 points
Time – Points will be deducted if you are over 8 minutes or under 6 minutes. One point will be deducted for every partial 30 seconds periods.